NimeniTTT – international tattoo artist in Bucharest

Andrei Giurescu, known by his artist name as NimeniTTT, is an international tattoo artist currently living in Bucharest. NimeniTTT is an eclectic tattoo artist with outstanding Japanese illustrative and dark black & neotraditional style and designs. He was born in a small town in Romania on Halloween in 1990, but lived most of his life in Bilbao, Spain where he met the love of his life, the beautiful Death Crush

NimeniTTT’s nomadic background made him a multilingual tattooer who speaks natively Spanish and Romanian, fluently English, and understands French, Italian, and a bit of Euskera. Thanks to his ease of communication and a very sociable and fun personality, Andy has traveled all over the world where he has made lifetime friendships with brilliant tattoers such as his talented close friend Sam or his colegas at TattooAdicts, the shop where Andy started tattooing for the first years of his artistic career and the shop where he still guests when visiting family in Bilbao, Spain.

NimeniTTT is a recurrent guest tattoo artist in jaw dropping European tattoo shops all over he finds demand for his peculiar work, and plans to visit America as much as possible, in the near future. Stay tuned for his next tour in your city and don’t miss your chance to book a session with this “walking encyclopedia,” (he knows so much trivial random stuff). He will love to make your acquaintance.

This page has been written by his fabulous, extraordinary, amazing sister, if NIMENI can say so himself