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[Music] hello bathtime reviews here yeah i’m in a bathtub because i have a bad back and i’m taking a cold cold bath to see with my [ __ ] pain hi there so today we’re gonna do some research or we’re gonna check out some tattoo artists that i love and i’m just gonna show you some of the works and um yeah let me know what you think about it i love them so in the end i don’t really care what you think about them but it’s nice to know another opinion you know okay okay let’s go for it so i’m gonna go on my ipad because it’s easier my phone is over here so yeah just hang out so the first one we’re going to look for it’s probably going to be yeah let’s start with my friend mocho.131 

[Music] he’s a crazy guy amazing tattoo artist he does i like to call it abstract trash polka i suppose with the name uh he does very interesting patterns and um pretty much outside of my own style of art but yeah i love the duke he’s just as you can see with the texture and everything and composition is just amazing he does some figurative type surrealistic things like this a mouth centipede which dude go to therapy i love you we need help love you okay yeah that thing is just it’s just the beast it’s crazy um i like this type of stuff i like monsters yeah i think some of his tattoos are inspired in a bit of um biomechanical i should ask him um i know i haven’t yet but yeah it’s patterns uh some of them there’s even one girl i know his the clients the girl that he tattoos he’s doing the bodysuit i don’t know if he finished i’m going to mucho tell me if you finished the bodysuit it’s called it’s called it’s based on brutalism architecture so it’s like industrial type architecture structure very straight structure very simplistic um pieces of metal coming out and coming out and it’s pretty interesting something similar to well not this but similar to this like a pattern almost let me see if i can find her let me say maybe this one yeah this is the one so even though it doesn’t look like that i know because i talked with them both and it’s based on that and i really think that’s very interesting too to add details or structure or tattoo designs made based on architecture and not in a little way not you know drawing a house in a little sun in the car like right there make the sun shine um yeah nothing like that you know not like a kid’s drawing or whatever not like other type of you know just a building straight so it’s just like the shapes and as you can see like um the cranes and all that stuff it’s it’s really cool i really think it’s an interesting way of tattooing so yeah i would definitely advise for people that like this type of you know heavy black work check them out if you like dark creepy stuff which i do a lot.

uh you should definitely check them out like this mouthpiece on this guy’s shoulder is just [ __ ] crazy yeah this type of stuff is brutal okay next one we’re going to look for is uh marcelina i don’t know how to pronounce i’m sorry if i [ __ ] up names a lot i’m really bad with that but yeah i love her he’s a very uh very good person too as well i know her personally i was blessed by the gods to know her and she does a lot of illustrative work very figurative and the eyes that she does and the mouths and all that stuff is just just amazing i i i i steal from her like literally i just take [ __ ] from her like this is mine now [ __ ] mine yeah i just love her work it’s um i think she’s one of the best artists in general not just tattooing she’s just very very very very very good i got a piece by her i’m gonna post i’m gonna add it on here i’m gonna look it up actually see if i can find it i got my hand done by her here it is and it was a blast to get to talk to her and know her better and see that she’s pretty much as dumb as me and as funny as me well not that much because i’m funnier sorry marcy you know it but yeah she’s an amazing person too amazing tattoo artist i love her work you should definitely check this out i’m going to get another piece by her i don’t know when i got to go back i think it’s going to be probably september maybe i don’t know i’m going to check that out.

again next person is uh valeri the cold water just got to my brain valerie vargas that’s how you would say her name in spanish i i know spanish so i know the valerie modern classic on her tattoo instagrammy thingy again she’s the pretty much illustrative uh more based on traditional much more than martinal very much more but as you can see just solid solid work there’s no flaw in her tattooing is almost annoying yeah this is just one of those people that if you’re a tattoo artist you have to know and you have to add her on your following because you’re gonna want to kill yourself after seeing her tattoos so please then follow her it’s just amazing work like look at this look at this come on come on how do you do it teach me yeah i mean there’s one piece this one i found it look how crazy this is it looks like the ceiling of a [ __ ] church in romania kind of like orthodox church even the gray washes that she does like almost oh my god like chicano type tattoo that she doesn’t do just they’re just so good just so soft and so have so much personality is just amazing there’s one tattoo again another chicano style tattoo you can see that of course she got this because she’s been touching me for a long time you know a long time i mean i think i think more than 10 years something like that um you can see that she learned from looking at other chicano tattoos like jack rudy and all the great like freddie and all those she has one traditional tattoo and of course you can see that she she really got her female faces from chris khan which i’m gonna add after this one i’m going to after this one i mean everyone does this type of you know pinup style kind of tattoo or design we all know where you got it from even though if you don’t know we all got it from chris khan and sacred city i think is his name i know look it up right now secret cd secret sorry about that there you go oh it’s with the k so this is like that’s yeah i’m gonna gonna rub one out after this bath look at that it’s so good yeah so everyone even though if you don’t know this we all took everyone stole from this guy like he’s just one of those greats he’s been touching for a [ __ ] long time i think it’s like 30 years yeah i’m really huge fan of this dude yeah that sounds sacred it doesn’t have a lot of things posted on but the little that he has is just out of this world next one is going to be emily rose murray she’s australian i think yes melbourne australia and she does more new traditional illustrative uh almost arnold type stuff and her tattoos are just sublime like so nicely made so well the composition composition itself is just and her drawings are like come on dude marry me please i will be your slave that’s just i i love her work oh yeah again all these people i’m talking about i steal [ __ ] from them like always every every person i’m gonna show you on this video i take something from all of them i i these are all people that inspire me very much um especially the one probably that i steal the most from is marcie marcin obraska she’s just so i don’t know her simplicity and the work and just she could do so much with so little it’s just i don’t know i i love that you know look at this that’s just lovely like look at those details so well made everything is perfect yeah i’m gonna hate this type of people well not no yeah [ __ ] it i hate them look at that look at the drawings they’re amazing i wish i could do that next one let’s see well of course the grime let’s see if i can learn how to write the grime is the crime is one of my favorites. 

[Music] yeah it’s just the man i’ll let this dude like his work is just out of this world he’s been touching for a long time i definitely would advise you people to check all of these people out and some of them like grime and valerie vargas they have a small documentary made on vice it’s on youtube you can check it out if you go on youtube just type in youtube vice tattoo age and then their name and it’s like 30 minutes each videos of 10 minutes split in three and they’re very interesting as you can see on grime’s page he doesn’t i mean he posts tattoos what is this he’s fast like hell a friend of mine which i’m gonna put and i’m gonna show after grime um he got tattooed by him but actually the first one that i put i think that’s his i think this was on this was on him he got the two by him and he said he he was the fastest tattoo artist that my friend got tattooed by ever like it was just insane it was freehand of course because he’s a beast and he’s been tattooing for a long long time i mean come on and he’s the papa of uh black claw i mean what more can you ask from from a [ __ ] human being and yeah as you can see he’s a very big moto fan i think the cold water is getting to me and his work is pretty much um based on traditional biomech even new schoolish a bit neo-traditional type stuff it’s very weird again definitely go check out uh grime especially ground for me grime and i would check all of them out like just put on youtube tattoo age and just look at all of that stuff because it’s just amazing um yeah i mean look at this this one i know i know this by heart because i looked at it so much and if you don’t see it says underneath here somewhere let’s see three hours total like one hour and a half one hour and a half one hour and 30 minutes and one hour and 30 [ __ ] minutes for two huge tattoos yeah now next one we’re going to look at come on inaki works i i need to learn how to write.

so this is a friend of mine too he’s just a crazy person this is the guy that got tattooed by grime i mean look at this it’s just heavy black very interesting shapes and very interesting designs even you can even say that this might look like almost like not it doesn’t look at all like it but it kind of reminds me of zukulski a polish artist sculptor painter amazing amazing stuff he did and this one kind of looks like pre-columbine pre-column i know the pre-colombino i don’t know how they say in english i’m really sorry i speak three online four languages and i’m pretty sure that all of them so shut the [ __ ] up yeah uh pre-columbine and i think it’s the name i’m sorry pre-columbian without pre-spanish um uh art art and sculpture and it’s just amazing work he’s like the masks and all that stuff that type of stuff just amazing look at this yeah claw me claw me okay yeah so check this guy out for sure if he’s uh i’m not gonna say everyone’s uh location check them out just do the do the effort just check people out and look where they work at if you want to get tattooed by them they’re just good people an amazing artist oh yeah i love this guy look at this project it’s a 102 so if you want to get this tattooed hit him up look at this it’s just amazing stuff um next one we’re gonna put i love this guy i just met him like a few weeks ago michela yeah i love i love michela’s work just amazing style i mean you can see some similarities in the construction but there’s there’s no correlation between them and yaki they just have some bit of techniques similar similarities but as you can see there’s no nothing else there and yeah misleads just amazing even an amazing person i met a really sweet guy and what he does is just out of this [ __ ] world like i want to get tattooed by him so badly and we already talked about my project so i’m not going to get into that that’s another subject for another day but yeah i mean why wouldn’t you get tattooed by me look at it it’s just so pretty so [ __ ] pretty cut to my face oh [ __ ] that was stupid the tummy face yeah he’s in london um he’s just really good i mean come on michelle if you’re gonna watch this [ __ ] hate you yeah okay stop drooling at this.

and now next person where did mishla who was next we’re gonna do someone oh the tatas he’s a new york i think this japanese traditional work out of all the japanese traditional out of all the japanese tattooers japanese japanese style tattooers especially traditional even though he’s not traditional traditional because some of his design like this it’s not i mean the technique probably is traditional and style but he does i like to call it neo-japanese and look at this it’s a bit of um tom from finland and the japanese work just amazing amazing tattooing and i’ve seen like a few of his tattoos healed that that’s so cool i’ve seen some of them healed and they’re [ __ ] perfect like solid solid work just amazing amazing work so if you’re in new york what uh i think so i think yeah new york city uh just go check him out and get tattooed by him yeah i mean come on look at this it’s just oh so i would definitely get tattooed by all of these people for sure without a doubt i just have not that much space left because i was a genius and tattooed myself a lot because i was learning that was a really bad idea.

next person we’re going to put claudia desalva i mean this woman she’s just she works with michelle and her husband i mean it doesn’t really matter who you’re with just she does amazing amazing work i just love again this is more japanese inspired but i wouldn’t call it japanese traditional if i’m wrong i’m really sorry if i offended anyone in the end i don’t really give a [ __ ] it’s what i think if it’s ignorance i’m an idiot if i’m wrong i’m just wrong don’t get pissed off you know i’m not doing anything i’m not saying anything bad to anyone yeah her flowers like her peonies and her girl faces are just look at this come on how can you piece just amazing work yeah everything is just solid like hell i mean really yeah so yeah so i think we’re gonna end it here there are so so so many that really inspired me and i really loved the work that was rough but we don’t have the time to do that i think we’re taking like hours maybe even more there’s so many of them that i don’t know their names because i forget them i’m just i’m sorry i’m really bad don’t judge me i will kill myself i will if you judge me um yeah there’s just too many like nowadays there’s this i’m gonna show the last one um this guy what the [ __ ] am i doing i don’t know how to write.

so this guy he’s from spain he’s an amazing tattoo artist like his drawings are just so crazy and just so detailed and so well done and i’m not 100 sure but it looks like he’s been tattooing for a while like for i mean that’s a free hand come on man and you can see that the technique and everything is just that gray wash with the dots and the color it’s just the just amazing work i think he’s been tattooing for a while now he always said like he’s not that well known besides that fact his name is el khan i’m not gonna remember that [ __ ] sorry dude if you’re gonna see this i’m really sorry amazing work i love your [ __ ] but that wasn’t my mouth but just i’m really bad with names and besides that they’re too many [ __ ] tattoo artists nowadays it’s just more than human beings so i’m really sorry about that um so yeah here you go yeah another one it’s just so [ __ ] many people and if you want more of this type of stuff leave a comment and yeah you know the rest of the stuff you have to do will help me make more of these and help me pay for [ __ ] like food and the water that i’m using right now to heal my back pain and show you my nipple and you know pay my rent all that [ __ ] so hit like subscribe [ __ ] thank you and come again