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See where tattoo artist NimeniTTT is traveling next and book a tattoo session with him in your city. Note: this list will be update on Instagram. Please refer to that channel for un up to date traveling itinerary.Β 

πŸ“Glasgow 26-30 July ’22
πŸ“Brighton 20-23 July’22
πŸ“London 14-17 June ’22
πŸ“Biarritz 9-12 May ’22
πŸ“Marseille 3-7 May ’22
πŸ“Amsterdam 11-15 April ’22
πŸ“Bruxelles 4-9 April ’22

tattoo designs by the tattoo artist NIMENITTT

Why Should you get a tattoo with tattoo artist NIMENITTT?


As you'll see below directly from Nimeni's latest Instagram posts of his tattoo creations, the intricacy of your project will have no limits.


Nimeni has started tattooing professionally more than 7 years ago at Tattoo Adicts in Bilbao, Spain where he shaped his creative style.


All tattoo artists have incredible imagination which is practiced non stop to sharpen talent, but not all have Nimeni's skill in speed of execution.

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You’ll find Nimeni as a guest tattoo anywhere in the world, but when in Bucharest, check out Old Bastards Tattoo Shop’s address below.